Storage Packing Tips

superior-self-storage-wichita-kansas-storage-guide-FAQ-accordion-artwork Artwork & Fragile Items
  • Stack plates on end and wrap dishes and cups individually.
  • Criss-cross masking tape across the front of glass-covered mirrors and art.
  • Wrap framed art in bubble wrap and use protective corners.
  • Store mirrors, photos and artwork vertically
superior-self-storage-wichita-kansas-storage-guide-FAQ-accordion-books Books & Paper
  • Rather than standing books on their ends, stack them to avoid damaging the spines
  • Clearly label boxes on more than one side and include an inventory of the box if able.
  • When able, use boxes rather than plastic bags that are less sturdy and can trap moisture.
superior-self-storage-wichita-kansas-storage-guide-FAQ-accordion-household-items Household Items
  • Polish, treat or clean wood, leather and metal objects before storage to protect such items.
  • If able, use the same size boxes to aid in stacking.
  • When packing boxes, fill the boxes completely or fill unused space with packing material.
  • Consider how easy/hard it will be to move the packed box: Put heavier items in smaller boxes and lighter items in larger boxes.